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Black Bloggers Chicago Attends Brown Girls Do Invest Chicago

According to an article in Forbes Magazine,  …”women of color, particularly African American women, had the most economic control, with spending power being in the trillions…If African Americans alone were a country, they would be the 15th largest economy in the world, with black Women controlling the lion's share of it”.   This past Sunday, Black Bloggers Chicago attended the Brown Girl’s Invest event held at the DuSable Museum of African American history.  The auditorium was packed with Black Women gathered for the same purpose; to build their financial futures and secure their financial legacies.  There are plenty of events that happen around the city that promote networking and building wealth but there are not many that are curated for us and by us.  I was not prepared for the wealth of information that I was about to receive.  I am a single mom of three, a business owner and a woman who works a full time job.  This event left me feeling not only inspired but empowered that even with everything I have going on in my life; I can still start now and build my financial future!

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Changing the Narrative: Black Bloggers Chicago speaks with Real Men Cook Co-Founder, Yvette Moyo

Real Men Charities, Inc. presents Real Men Cook - Chicago’s premiere urban Father’s Day charity event. Celebrating its 30-year  milestone this year, the food-tasting event’s purpose is to uplift families, promote wellness and highlight  positive black male engagement. This year’s celebration is being held on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16 from 3PM to 6PM at Hales Franciscan, an all-male high school located at 4930 S. Cottage Grove in Chicago’s Bronzeville community. Real Men Cook is the largest, longest-running and most-anticipated Father’s Day celebration of its kind. It provides a platform where “real men” from all walks of life give up Father’s Day pampering to work and be celebrated for demonstrating extraordinary commitment to their families and to their communities. I had a chance to speak with Yvette Moyo, Co-Founder of Real Men Cook about the history of this event, the impact it has on our community and why changing the narrative of Black Fatherhood and Mentorship is so important.

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