Black Bloggers Chicago Attends Real Men Cook!

BBC Real Men Cook.png

Everything about the Real Men Cook event reflected what I love about my people.  In the spirit of our tradition, we have always bonded and connected over music, food and celebrations.  This past Sunday, with classic soul music as the soundtrack, we had an opportunity to celebrate the men who make a difference in our lives and in our communities. 

Black Bloggers Chicago had the pleasure of being a media sponsor for this year’s Real Men Cook event held at Hales Franciscan High School.   It was a day full of love, fellowship and community.  Celebrating its 30-year milestone this year, the food-tasting event’s purpose is to uplift families, promote wellness and highlight positive black male engagement. This year’s celebration was held this past Sunday in Chicago’s Bronzeville community.

From the moment I stepped foot into the Real Men Cook event, I felt welcome.  I saw a sea of tents filled with black men prepping and preparing food, seasoning meat and veggies, and putting their special touches on their grilled meats. Every chef was unique in their style, with signature “rubs” and seasonings, or even a catchy saying or phrase, they were enjoying cooking for all of us.   It was a cornucopia of tasty delights at this year’s Real Men Cook Event.  From delicious BBQ, to New Orleans’s cuisine, Vegetarian dishes and healthier options like Grilled Pineapple and grilled veggies thanks to the University of Chicago “Real Docs Cook” tent.   I had some of the best rib tips I’ve ever had by “No Time to Wait”.  He told me these tips would touch my heart and he didn’t lie! The meat just fell off the bone! I tried and took home some of Riley’s Ribs BBQ sauce and seasonings and I cannot wait to see what I can do with these on my own BBQ grill.  I was so full after spending the afternoon walking around and sampling as much food as my stomach would allow.

As I stopped and looked around, I saw something so beautiful.  It was a sea of black men; laughing, smiling, joking and looking carefree. It was such an incredible contrast to the images we see in mainstream media. These were the men in our community. Men who instead of staying home, came out and cooked for their community. These were the REAL MEN I know and love.  Real Men Cook was a beautiful display of our community. The Comradery, the brotherhood, was such a beautiful sight. 

Black Bloggers Chicago would like to thank the staff at Real Men Cook and Real Men Charities for allowing us to be a media partner with you this year.  We look forward to enjoying many more years at Real Men Cook!!


Danielle Sanders, Founder & President