Black Bloggers Chicago Spotlight: Meet Blogger Lakishia Jones

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Black Bloggers Chicago has an incredible and diverse network of content creators.  They’re influential and hold the trust of their respective communities and their readers value their opinions. As a network it is important to promote and highlight our members and their respective websites.  As part of this, we are introducing our “Blogger Spotlight”.  Get to know our members, their passion and their thoughts about blogging and the industry.

Today, Meet Black Bloggers Chicago Member, Lakishia Jones!

Lakisha Jones is the owner of the Blog, Rose’s Buds.  Her blog is a vessel to project her passions and invite her readers into what inspires her. 

1.  How did you start blogging and how long have you been a blogger?  Initially I planned to start a Podcast about 3 months ago with the idea to cater to women regarding all aspects of life. To give a platform to my subscribers. The Podcast was a bit more difficult to start and I decided that I didn't like the sound of my recorded voice :).  I just started my blog this week January 29. I have been home due to the horrible weather and I thought what better time to start than now?

2.  How would you describe your blog? My blog is a voice for women. Creating a safe place to be free thinkers, a support system and another source of information. No topic is off limits.

3. What's the best service a blogger can deliver to their readers? The best service a blogger can offer their reading is by providing clear, concise information. Prompt responses and respect for all ideas and perspectives.

4. What are your top 3 blogging goals for 2019? My main goal is to find ways to engage my audience and keep their attention. I am focused on building my brand while providing good material and lastly, introducing more black women to blogging

5. What's your biggest challenge as a blogger? Since I am new to the blogging world this question is difficult for me right now. So far, I must say I don't get as much feedback from my subscribers as I'd like. I would love to engage in conversation regarding my post. 

“Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about being perfect, smart, funny, beautiful, liked, accepted or even loved, that we forget to just be.”


  You can find Lakishia Jones at and on Instagram @rosebuds385. Black Bloggers Chicago is pleased to welcome Lakishia as a member our network!  If you would like to be featured in our Blogger Spotlight, send us an email at