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According to an article in Forbes Magazine,  …”women of color, particularly African American women, had the most economic control, with spending power being in the trillions…If African Americans alone were a country, they would be the 15th largest economy in the world, with black Women controlling the lion's share of it”.  This past Sunday, Black Bloggers Chicago attended the Brown Girl’s Invest event held at the DuSable Museum of African American history.  The auditorium was packed with Black Women gathered for the same purpose; to build their financial futures and secure their financial legacies.  There are plenty of events that happen around the city that promote networking and building wealth but there are not many that are curated for us and by us.  I was not prepared for the wealth of information that I was about to receive.  I am a single mom of three, a business owner and a woman who works a full time job.  This event left me feeling not only inspired but empowered that even with everything I have going on in my life; I can still start now and build my financial future!

Founder & Executive Director, Bahiyah Shabazz, began Brown Girls Do Invest as a thought. In February 2016, she put the thoughts into action. It later became a 501 c3 nonprofit organization in October 2016. The organization teaches youth and adults how to invest in the stock market, real estate, acquire multiple streams of income and work on developing self. She also partners with industry experts to deliver a message that resonates with African American women who want to conquer their investments to secure a financial future. (



This event was jammed packed with information especially curated for Black Women and was delivered with humor and easy to understand language.  I sat and listened intensely with my notebook and took over 8 pages of detailed notes.  The Event covered the topics of how to invest in the stock market, ways to invest in real estate, acquiring multiple streams of income and Business Development. Featured speakers, Danielle Pierce, Joana Jane, and Courtney Richardson were incredible in their content and their delivery. Their knowledge and expertise were evident and I was thrilled that they were willing to openly share this information with all of us. 

I took away many gems from the Black Girls Do Invest Event but the greatest was the idea to just get started.   Investment Advisor, Delta Jones-Walker, talked about the need for a budget and financial plan.  “Let’s see where you are so we can see where you are going”.  Most of the financial planners, I’ve seen always made me feel like I didn’t make enough money to even need a financial planner. I was grateful to know there are financial planners that will work with people like me who are living check to check to put them on the right path! This event kept it real with Black Women. The speakers and panelists understood our lifestyles. Some of us are single parents, some of us are helping family members, and some of us are barely making ends meet. What about us? How do we get started?   The speakers spoke about automating monthly payments, the importance of sacrifice and discipline in order to get out of debt and begin to invest and save.  The truth of the matter is most of us have to sit down, be still, and look at our finances and find out “where we are”. 

Once we have a plan, it’s time to research and diversify.  There are many ways to make money; from investing in the stock market, researching and investing in the growing Cannabis industry, Insurance, Crowdfunding, or owning real estate through tax liens; there is something for everyone to start to put a little aside towards their financial future.  It gave me an expanded view of how to invest my money in ways I had not thought about previously.


What struck me about this event was how empowering it was. With each speaker, I began to feel like this was something I could do right now, where I was financially and begin to create my own legacy.  We received the power of information and learned that we could have access to these wealth building items with a little research, a lot of discipline and strong will.  The Brown Girls Do Invest Event was a much needed informative event that was beneficial to our community.  We were thrilled to partner with them and look forward to more empowering events for our community!


-Danielle Sanders, Founder & President

Black Bloggers Chicago